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About Denture Co

Denture Co is a well-established Denture clinic, offering the backing of a full-service Prosthetic Dental Laboratory head-quartered in Norwood, Adelaide, with a second Denture Clinic in Goolwa on South Australia’s south coast.

The business was established in 1985 by director, Mr Lyndon Bartlett.

Lyndon’s interest in dentistry commenced in 1978 with a seven-year career as a dental technician with the Royal Adelaide Hospital. During this time, Lyndon noted the need in Adelaide for a professional dental laboratory which offered a quick-response service of expertly fitted and well-fashioned dentures.

Also, his patients were only ever going to receive dentures manufactured from the most advanced and tested materials from trusted and respected sources.

Thus, in 1985, Lyndon Bartlett founded his dental laboratory and later Denture Co.

In 2014 and following a rigorous training regime, Lyndon was accepted and accredited by The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) as a Dental Prosthetist.

Today, Denture Co has one of Adelaide’s most modern and comprehensively-equipped denture laboratories and staffed by seasoned and fully accredited dental prosthetists and dental technicians.

A recent innovation is (PPMP). Denture Co has implemented a Personalised Patient Management Procedure (PPMP). The PPMP is where patients, in almost all instances, will be personally managed by the one prosthetist who will work closely with a patient to assess, advise, fashion and fit their dentures – all undertaken in-house.

This practise has been highly praised by patients for the building of considerable comfort and trust in their time with Denture Co.

Denture Co also has the capability and expertise of providing a full-range of denture services and prosthetics including:

  Oral examinations and consultation
  Full dentures
  Partial metal frame dentures
  Implant retained dentures
  Flexible partial dentures
  Sports Mouthguards
  Repair of broken dentures
  Relining and remodelling of loose dentures
  Cleaning and polishing of dentures
  Soft liners


For further details go to Our Range of Dentures page.

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