Your Journey to New Dentures

Get your life back in 4 easy steps

At your first and this free consultation, the health of your mouth and teeth will be assessed by your Denture Co Prosthetist to better determine the options available to you. The prosthetist will talk with you about your concerns with your existing dentures, your expectations from your new dentures, your needs, life-style and budget to arrive at a solution with which you are totally comfortable. 

At this appointment the initial impressions can be taken.

At your second appointment, a final and highly accurate impression of your mouth will be taken to enable your Denture Co prosthetist to craft your new dentures for the best possible and most comfortable fit and feel.

Also at this appointment, the shade and mould options of your new dentures will be discussed and your bite registration recorded.

The third visit will be exciting as your new dentures will ready for a trial fit.

At this appointment your dentures will have a temporary base with the teeth set in wax to allow for any alterations that may be required. You will be able to see the position, colour and shape of the teeth and, if required, make any alterations you may require.

Happy days are here! Following a final check on fit, comfort and feel, your brand-new dentures are ready for their new home. 

You will receive instructions on practical denture care, a smart denture box and a quality denture tooth brush.

After about a week’s settling-in period, Denture Co will ask you to a follow-up appointment to ensure you are comfortable and satisfied with your new dentures and undertake any eases if required.

It’s now that Denture Co will congratulate you on your new dentures and trust they will provide you with many happy and pain-free years of use.